MSR1:ligand (SCARA1:ligand, SR-A:ligand) is endocytosed

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Homo sapiens
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The MSR1:ligand complex (SCARA1:ligand, SR-A:ligand) is endocytosed (Matsumoto et al. 1990, Gough et al. 1998, Peiser et al. 2000, Aguilar-Gaytan and Mas-Oliva 2003, Wang and Chandawarkar 2010, Orr et al. 2011). In the cases in which the ligands are located on bacteria or yeast cells the entire cell is phagocytosed (Aguilar-Gaytan and Mas-Oliva 2003, Wang and Chandawarkar 2010). Uptake of modified LDL by macrophages via MSR1 appears to contribute to foam cell formation during atherosclerosis (Matsumoto et al. 1990).
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