An atROL isomerase isomerises atROL to 11cROL

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The canonical rod retinoid (visual) cycle is too slow to account for the photosensitivity of cones in bright light conditions. Novel enzyme activities demonstrated in ground-squirrel and chicken retinas produce a novel pathway of chromophore regeneration specific for cones. The first reaction in Muller cells, the isomerization of all-trans-retinol (atROL) to 11-cis-retinol (11cROL), is mediated by an as-yet-uncharacterised atROL isomerase (Mata et al. 2002, Mata et al. 2005). This reaction is proposed to take place in all vertebrates including humans (Wang & Kefalov 2009). Sphingolipid delta(4)-desaturase DES1 (DEGS1), an enzyme involved in sphingolipid de-novo biosynthesis, was recently found to possess retinoid isomerisation activity in chicken retinas but its physiological relevance in the synthesis of 11cROL remains inconclusive (Kaylor et al. 2013, Kiser et al. 2014).
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retinol isomerase activity of atROL isomerase [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]

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