Defective STRA6 does not transport atROL

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Defects in STRA6 cause microphthalmia syndromic type 9 (MCOPS9, Matthew-Wood syndrome or Spear syndrome; MIM:601186) (Chassaing et al. 2009). Mutiple systems are affected by this fatal syndrome including occular and cardiac abnormalities. Microphthalmia (also called microphthalmos, nanophthalmia or nanophthalmos) is a developmental disorder of the eye that literally means small eye and in most cases results in blindness. Common loss-of-function mutations causing MCOPS9 are P90L, P293L, and T321P, T644M, R655C (Pasutto et al. 2007) and W23* (West at al. 2009).
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Loss of function of TTR:RBP4:atROL:STRA6 mutants [plasma membrane]

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microphthalmia DOID:10629 simple microphthalmos, nanophthalmia, microphthalmos, nanophthalmos
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