IGF1,2:p-Y1161,1165,1166-IGF1R phosphorylates IRS1,2,4

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Phosphorylated IGF1R phosphorylates IRS1 (Siemeister et al. 1995, Xu et al. 1995, Takahashi et al. 1997, Rakatzi et al. 2006), IRS2 (Kim et al. 1998, Kim et al. 2004), and IRS4 (Fantin et al.1998, Karas et al. 2001, Cuevas et al. 2007) on numerous tyrosine residues. IRS4 is phosphorylated by IGF1R in HEK cells but not in primary muscle cells (Fantin et al. 1998, Schreyer et al. 2003). The phosphotyrosine resideus create binding sites for downstream effectors such as GRB2:SOS and PI3K.
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protein tyrosine kinase activity of IGF1,2:p-IGF1R:IRS1,2,4 [plasma membrane]

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