NUDT1 hydrolyses 2-oxo-ATP to 2-oxo-AMP

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Homo sapiens
2-hydroxy-ATP + H2O => 2-hydroxy-AMP + PPi
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NUDT1 (MTH1) catalyzes the reaction of 2-oxo-ATP and water to form 2-oxo-AMP and PPi (pyrophosphate). Four NUDT1 proteins have been identified, encoded by a single gene with alternative start codons (Oda et al. 1999). The shortest of these, NUDT1 p18, has been shown to catalyze hydrolysis of 2-oxo-ATP (Fujikawa et al. 2001). The active enzyme is a monomer associated with a magnesium ion (Mishima et al. 2004). The longer isoforms all consist of the p18 polypeptide with aminoterminal extensions and are presumed to be active as well, but have not been experimentally characterized. The p18 isoform is predominantly cytosolic (Kang et al. 1995).

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2-hydroxy-ATP hydrolase activity of NUDT1 [cytosol]

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