miR-26A microRNAs bind PTEN mRNA

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MIR26A microRNAs, miR-26A1 and miR-26A2, transcribed from genes on chromosome 3 and 12, respectively, bind PTEN mRNA (Huse et al. 2009).

The MIR26A2 locus is frequently amplified in glioma tumors that retain one wild-type PTEN allele. The resulting miR-26A2 overexpression leads to down-regulation of PTEN protein level. Overexpression of miR-26A2 was shown to enhance tumorigenesis and negatively correlates with the loss of heterozygosity at the PTEN locus in a mouse PTEN +/- glioma model, based on monoallelic PTEN loss (Huse et al. 2009, Kim et al. 2010).

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