NICD2 binds RBPJ and MAML in the nucleus

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In the nucleus, NICD2 forms a complex with RBPJ (CBF1, CSL) and MAML (mastermind). NICD2:RBPJ:MAML complex activates transcription from RBPJ-binding promoter elements (Wu et al. 2000).

Besides NICD2, RBPJ and MAML, NOTCH2 coactivator complex likely includes other proteins, shown as components of the NOTCH1 coactivator complex. Since disruption of the RBPJ:NCOR corepressor and MAML-mediated recruitment of transcriptional activators has not been studied in the context of NICD2, it is not shown here. More details are available in the pathway Signaling by NOTCH1.

Many NOTCH-regulated genes have paired RBPJ-binding sites in their promoters, in head-to-head arrangement, and require cooperative formation of dimeric NOTCH transcription complexes for transcriptional activation (Nam et al. 2007).

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