Platelet glycoprotein IV (CD36) binds ligands

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CD36 (Platelet glycoprotein IV) binds oxidized LDL (Janabi et al. 2000, Endemann et al. 1993) through both the lipid and the protein moieties of LDL (Boullier et al. 2000), oxidized phospholipids (Podrez et al. 2002), long-chain fatty acids (inferred from rat and mouse, Abumrad et al. 1993, Laugerette et al. 2005), hexarelin (a hexapeptide member of the growth hormone-releasing peptide family) (inferred from rat and mouse, Bodart et al. 2002), betaglucan (Means et al. 2009), oxidized and native phosphatidylserine (Greenberg et al. 2006) and apoptotic cells (Ren et al. 1995; Fadok et al. 1998), lipopeptide from Staphylococcus aureus as well as lipoteichoic acid from Gram-positive bacteria, both in cooperation with TLR2 (inferred from mouse, Hoebe et al. 2005). As inferred from mouse, CD36 also binds phosphatidylinositol, and HDL.
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