STIM1:TRPC1 [plasma membrane]

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Homo sapiens
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16906149 STIM1 carboxyl-terminus activates native SOC, I(crac) and TRPC1 channels

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17486119 STIM1 heteromultimerizes TRPC channels to determine their function as store-operated channels

Yuan, JP, Zeng, W, Huang, GN, Worley, PF, Muallem, S

Nat Cell Biol 2007
22210847 The Ca2+ Sensor STIM1 is Necessary and Sufficient for the Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry Function of TRPCs in Endothelial Cells

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21408196 Local Ca²+ entry via Orai1 regulates plasma membrane recruitment of TRPC1 and controls cytosolic Ca²+ signals required for specific cell functions

Cheng, KT, Liu, X, Ong, HL, Swaim, W, Ambudkar, IS

PLoS Biol 2011
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