STIM1 binds TRPC1 forming STIM1:TRPC1 complex

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The polybasic region of STIM1 interacts with 2 aspartate residues in the C-terminal region of TRPC1 (Zeng et al. 2008, Huang et al. 2006). The STIM1:TRPC1 complex can form a tenary complex with ORAI1 (Ong et al. 2007, Jardin et al. 2008) and ORAI participates in function of STIM1:TRPC1 channels (Cheng et al. 2008, Cheng et al. 2011). As inferred from chicken DT40 cells, TRPC1 (and possibly other TRP channels) participates in store-operated calcium influx during signaling by the B cell receptor (Mori et al. 2002).

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