DHPS tetramer synthesizes Dhp-K50-EIF5A from EIF5A and spermidine

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Homo sapiens
EIF5A + spermidine <=> EIF5A(Dhp) + 1,3-diaminopropane
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Cytosolic deoxyhypusine synthase (DHPS) tetramer catalyzes the reaction of of EIF5A protein, spermidine (SPM), and NAD+ to convert lysine 50 of EIF5A to deoxyhypusine (Dhp), generating 1,3 diaminopropane, NADH and H+ in the process (Clement et al. 2003; Joe et al. 1995; Park 2006; Wolff et al. 1997). Although the reaction is reversible, the reverse reaction is probably minimized under physiological conditions by the rapid, irreversible conversion of EIF5A Dhp residues to hypusine.

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deoxyhypusine synthase activity of DHPS tetramer [cytosol]

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