An unknown GEF exchanges GTP for GDP on CDC42:GDP

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FCGR mediated phagocytosis requires CDC42 to stimulate actin polymerization, generating the force for phagocytic cup protrusion or pseudopod extension. CDC42 activation is restricted at the advancing edge of the phagocytic cup, where actin is concentrated, and is deactivated at the base of the phagocytic cup (Beemiller et al 2010). The mechanism behind the recruitment and activation of CDC42 during FCGR phagocytosis is unknown. VAV regulates the activation of RAC1 but not CDC42 and the GEF responsible for CDC42 activation during FCGR-mediated phagocytosis remains unidentified (Adam et al 2004, Patel et al 2002).

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guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity of Unknown GEF [cytosol]

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