Calcineurin binds NFATC1,2,3

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Calcium activates calcineurin in two ways: binding the regulatory subunit of calcineurin directly and binding calmodulin which then interacts with the catalytic subunit of calcineurin. As inferred from mouse, B lymphocytes contain the R1 regulatory subunit (PPP3R1) and the beta catalytic subunit (PPP3CB).
In the presence of calcium and calcium:calmodulin calcineurin binds phosphorylated and unphosphorylated NFATs at 2 regions in the N-terminus (Luo et al. 1996, Garcia-Cozar et al. 1998, Park et al. 2000, evidence from mouse in Loh et al. 1996 and Wesselborg et al. 1996). Calcineurin also weakly interacts with NFATs in the absence of calcium (Garcia-Cozar et al. 1998).
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