creatine + ATP => phosphocreatine + ADP [CK octamer]

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Creatine kinase octamers associated with the inner mitochondrial membrane catalyze the reaction of creatine and ATP to form phosphocreatine and ADP. Two mitochondrial creatine kinase proteins have been identified, one encoded by CKMT1A and B that is found in many tissues and one encoded by CKMT2 that is found in sarcomeres (Haas et al. 1988; Haas and Straus 1990). Studies of sarcomeric creatine kinase octamers suggest that their organization and association with phospholipids in the inner mitochondrial membrane may facilitate energy transfer from ATP generated in the mitochondrial matrix to cytosolic phosphocreatine (Khuchua et al. 1998; Schlattner et al. 2004).
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creatine kinase activity of CK octamers [mitochondrial inner membrane]

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