SLC2A1,3 transports DeHA from extracellular region to cytosol

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Homo sapiens
Dehydroascorbate transport across the plasma membrane, dehydroascorbate [extracellular] => dehydroascorbate [cytosol]
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The uptake of extracellular dehydroascorbate (DeHA) into the cytosol is mediated by GLUT1 and GLUT3 (encoded by SLC2A1 and SLCA3 respectively) associated with the plasma membrane (Rumsey et al. 1997, 2000). This process may play a significant role in ascorbate utilization in the central nervous system (Agus et al. 1997). The process is efficiently competitively inhibited by glucose, leading to the suggestion that inhibited dehydroascorbate uptake may contribute to the pathology of diabetes (Liang et al. 2001, Rumsey et al. 2000).

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dehydroascorbic acid transmembrane transporter activity of SLC2A1,3 [plasma membrane]

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