GDIs block activation of Rho GTPase:GDP

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GDP dissociation inhibitors or GDIs confer an additional but important layer of Rho GTPase regulation along with GEFs and GAPs. GDIs mainly inhibit the dissociation of bound guanine nucleotide (usually GDP) from their partner GTPases. So far, three human GDIs with proven biological functions have been found: RhoGDI/GDIalpha/GDI1, hematopoietic cell selective Ly/D4GDI/GDIbeta/GDI2, and Rho GDIgamma/GDI3 (DerMardirossian and Bokoch, 2005). Three specific biochemical functions of GDIs have been established: inhibiting the dissociation of GDP from Rho proteins, maintaining the GTPases in an inactive form, and preventing GTPase activation by GEFs (Olofsson, 1999).

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