VEGF-A,C,D bind to VEGFR2 leading to receptor dimerization

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VEGFR-2 binds VEGF-A, -C, -D, and -E homodimers. VEGFR-2 is the primary mediator of the physiological effects of VEGF-A in angiogenesis, including microvascular permeability, endothelial cell proliferation, invasion, migration, and survival. In endothelial cells, these effects are mediated via activation of a phospholipase gamma-protein kinase C-Raf-MAPK signaling pathway for proliferation and PI3K and focal adhesion kinase for survival and migration. VEGFR-2 is the important receptor among VEGFR protiens and its activation and signaling may be positively or negatively regulated by co-expression and activation of various factors and other VEGF receptors like VEGFR-1 (Hicklin and Ellis 2005).The regulatory events of this receptor will be annotated in subsequent modules.
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