NOTCH3 gene transcription

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The NOTCH3 gene maps to human chromosome 19. NOTCH3 transcript is ubiquitously expressed in fetal and adult human tissues. Mutations in NOTCH3 are found in cerebral arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL), an autosomal dominant progressive disorder of small arterial vessels of the brain characterized by migraines, strokes, and white matter lesions, with the onset in early adulthood (Joutel et al. 1996).

NOTCH3 gene transcription is stimulated by the NOTCH3 coactivator complex but it is not known whether this effect is direct, or indirect (Liu et al. 2009).

NOTCH3 gene transcription is directly stimulated by the NOTCH1 coactivator complex and NOTCH1-mediated regulation of NOTCH3 is involved in differentiation of esophageal squamous cells (Ohashi et al. 2009).

NOTCH3 transcription is directly stimulated by transcription factor ELF3, activated by PRKCI (protein kinase C iota)-mediated phosphorylation downstream of KRAS signaling. The PRKCI-ELF3-NOTCH3 signaling controls the tumor-initiating cell phenotype in KRAS-mediated lung adenocarcinoma (Ali et al. 2016).

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