Fringe-modified Pre-NOTCH is cleaved by FURIN

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Cleavage of fringe-modified NOTCH by FURIN has not been examined directly, but since mature, plasma membrane-anchored NOTCH receptors are typically cleaved by FURIN (Blaumueller et al. 1997) and fringe-modified NOTCH functions at the cell surface (Moloney et al. 2000), it is expected that fringe-modified NOTCH is processed by FURIN cleavage. The exact order of fringe-mediated glycosylation and FURIN cleavage has not been experimentally established, but since FURIN localizes to the trans-Golgi network -TGN (Teuchert et al. 1999), while fringe has not been associated with TGN, it is likely that modification of NOTCH by fringe enzymes precedes FURIN-mediated cleavage.

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