NOTCH precursor cleaved to form mature NOTCH

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The NOTCH receptor is synthesized as a precursor polypeptide (approx. 300 kDa) associated with the endoplasmic reticulum membrane. The mature NOTCH receptor is produced by proteolytic cleavage to form a heterodimer. The enzyme responsible is a furin-like convertase which cleaves the full-length precursor into a transmembrane fragment (NTM) of approximate size 110 kDa and an extracellular fragment (NEC) of approximate size 180 kDa. The mature NOTCH receptor is reassembled as a heterodimer (Blaumueller et al. 1997, Logeat et al. 1998). Both disulfide bonds and calcium-mediated ionic interactions stabilize the heterodimer (Rand et al. 2000, Gordon et al. 2009). This process takes place in the trans-Golgi network . Mammalian NOTCH is predominantly presented as a heterodimer on the cell surface. Although FURIN-mediated cleavage is evolutionarily conserved, it may not be mandatory for Drosophila Notch function (Kidd et al. 2002).
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serine-type endopeptidase activity of FURIN [Golgi membrane]

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