SLC5A2 cotransports Na+ and glucose from extracellular region to cytosol

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SLC5A2 (also known as SGLT2) in the plasma membrane co-transports extracellular sodium ions (Na+) and glucose (Glc) into the cytosol (Quick et al. 2003; Wright 2001). SLC5A2 is expressed at high levels in the kidney (Tazawa et al. 2005) and appears to be the major mediator of kidney glucose reabsorption. Human patients who lack functional SLC5A2 (e.g., Calado et al. 2004) and mouse strains lacking its homolog (Vallon et al. 2011) excrete abnormally large amounts of glucose in the urine but exhibit normal uptake of dietary glucose.
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glucose:sodium symporter activity of SLC5A2 [plasma membrane]

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