ESCRT-I [endosome membrane]

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Homo sapiens
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18005716 Identification of human MVB12 proteins as ESCRT-I subunits that function in HIV budding

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21757351 UBAP1 is a component of an endosome-specific ESCRT-I complex that is essential for MVB sorting

Woodman, P, Rollinson, S, Stefani, F, Doyotte, A, Brownhill, K, Pickering-Brown, S, Zhang, L, Taylor, S, Donovan, J, Bennion, J

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20448139 UMA and MABP domains throw light on receptor endocytosis and selection of endosomal cargoes

de Souza, RF, Aravind, L

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22405001 The UBAP1 subunit of ESCRT-I interacts with ubiquitin via a SOUBA domain

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Structure 2012
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