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The ATF3 gene is transcribed to yield mRNA and the mRNA is translated to yield protein (Chen et al. 2004, Pan et al. 2007, Lee et al. 2008, Armstrong et al. 2010, Sikalidis et al. 2011, Fu and Kilberg 2013, Lee et al. 2013, Hayner et al. 2018). Transcription of ATF3 is enhanced in response to amino acid deficiency (Chen et al. 2004, Pan et al. 2007, Lee et al. 2008, Sikaldis et al. 2011, Fu and Kilberg 2013, Hayner et al. 2018). ATF4 binds a CEBP-ATF response element (CARE) and an additional upstream element in the promoter of the ATF3 gene, resulting in enhanced transcription (Pan et al. 2007, Armstrong et al. 2010, Fu and Kilberg 2013, Lee et al. 2013, Hayner et al. 2018, and inferred from mouse homologs). CEBPB and ATF3 bind later and correlate with reduced expression of ATF4 (Pan et al. 2007)
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