TLR folding by chaperones GP96 and CNPY3

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GP96 (also known as GRP94, HSP90b1), a paralogue of HSP90 in the endoplasmic reticulum, acts as a chaperone for some integrines and Toll-like receptors. Macrophages or B-cells from gp96 knockout mice have abrogated function of TLR2, 4, 5, 7 and 9, but not TLR3 (Yang Y et al 2007, Liu B and Li Z 2008, Staron M et al 2010). GP96 interacts with TLRs and integrines via its C-terminal hydrophobic domain, formed by residues 652-678 (Wu S et al 2012). GP96 functions as a V-shaped dimer in ATP-dependent manner, however it remains unclear how ATP hydrolysis-dependent conformational changes of GP96 are regulated (Li Z and Srivastava PK 1993).

GP96 forms a complex with co-chaperone CNPY3, also known as PRAT4A. GP96-CNPY3 promotes the proper post-translational ectodomain folding of TLRs, but not TLR3 (Liu B et al 2010).

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