Heparanase 2 (HPSE2) binds heparan sulfate proteoglycans

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Heparanase 2 (HPSE2) (McKenzie et al. 2000) is a membrane-bound protein with ~40% sequence similarity to heparanase (HPSE). While HPSE2 binds HS proteoglycans strongly, it has no endoglycosidase activity and cannot cleave heparan sulfate (HS) from HS proteoglycan. Studies of cultured cells suggest that HPSE2 may also block targeting of HPSE and HS-proteoglycan to lysosomes (Levy-Adam et al. 2010). Defects in HPSE2 are the cause of urofacial syndrome (UFS) (MIM:236730) (Daly et al. 2010, Pang et al. 2010).
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