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MBL or ficolins binding to carbohydrates on the target surface results in conformational changes in the lectin:MASPs complex. It in turn promotes a cleavage of proenzyme form of MASP between the CCP2 and the serine protease domains, which results in the generation of the active form. The active form of MASP-2 is able to cleave C4 and C2 to generate the C3 convertase (Vorup-Jensen T et al. 2000; Chen CB and Wallis R 2004). The active form of MASP-1 was shown to facilitate the complement activation by either direct cleavage of complex-bound MASP-2 or cleavage of C2 bound to C4 (Matsushita M et al. 2000; Heja D et al. 2012).

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J Immunol 2000
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