TLR4:LY96:LPS:CD14 recruits TRAM (TICAM2)

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TRIF-related adapter molecule (TRAM, also called TIRP or TICAM2) is 235 amino acids in length, and its TIR domain is most closely related to TRIF (and hence its name). Notably, both human and mouse TRAM contain a cysteine (C117 in humans) at the position where other adapters and TLRs have a conserved proline, although an adjacent proline (P116) is present. TRAM associates with TLR4 and TRIF, as well as the non-canonical NFkB kinases, IKK epsilon, and TBK1, which phosphorylate IRF3. TRAM provides specificity for the MyD88-independent component of TLR4 signaling.

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