bHEXA,bHEXB hydrolyze PSAP(195-273):Gb4Cer:PE

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The globotetraosylceramide Gb4Cer (Gb4) is cleaved by both beta-hexosaminidase complexes bHEXA and bHEXB to form Gb3Cer (Kinoshita et al. 1988; Mark et al. 2003). Gb4Cer is present at elevated levels in nerve cells in Sandhoff disease (Tay-Sachs disease variant O, MIM: 268800), a hexosaminidase beta subunit (HEXB) deficiency, which leads to low levels of both bHEX complexes bHEXA and bHEXB (Sandhoff et al., 1971; reviewed in Sandhoff et al., 2018; Sandhoff & Sandhoff, 2018). There are three forms of hexosaminidase complexes: hexosaminidase A, B and S. The A form is a tetramer of the subunits alpha (HEXA, beta A) and beta (HEXB, beta B) dimers. The B form is a tetramer of two beta subunit dimers, and the S form a tetramer of two HEXA dimers (O'Dowd et al. 1988, Mahuran et al. 1988). Both bHEXA and bHEXB can cleave GalNAc from globosides (glycosphingolipids based on the Gb3Cer structure, with sugars added to the Gal-Gal-Glu side chain).
Researchers observed elevated Gb4Cer in prosaposin deficiency (PSAPD, MIM: 611721) cases, a rare disease with low levels of all saposins. We have curated Saposin B (PSAP(195-273)) as essential cofactor to the reaction (Bradova et al., 1993).
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beta-N-acetylhexosaminidase activity of bHEXA,bHEXB [lysosomal lumen]

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