NXF1:NXT1 (TAP:p15) binds capped mRNA:CBC:EJC:TREX (minus DDX39B)

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Homo sapiens
Recruitment of TAP to the EJC
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The mRNA is transferred from ALYREF of the TREX complex to NXF1 (TAP) of the NXF1:NXT1 export complex (Hautbergue et al. 2008). Interaction between the TREX complex and NXF1 exposes the arginine-rich RNA-binding domain of NXF1 (Viphakone et al. 2012). Methylation of arginine residues on ALYREF also appears to be necessary for dissociation of mRNA from ALYREF during the transfer (Hung et al. 2010). The interaction between ALYREF and NXF1 occurs in the vicinity of nuclear speckles (Teng and Wilson 2013). DDX39B (UAP56) binds (Kota et al. 2008) and hydrolyzes ATP (Taniguchi and Ohno 2008). UAP56 is believed to hydrolyze ATP and UAP56:ADP is believed to dissociate at some point during the transfer of the mRNA to NXF1 (Taniguchi and Ohno 2008, Chang et al. 2013).

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ATP hydrolysis activity of polyadenylated, capped mRNA:CBC:EJC:TREX:SRSF proteins [nucleoplasm]

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