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Cleavage of a single peptide bond converts factor XII to activated factor XII (factor XIIa) (Fujikawa and McMullen 1983; McMullen and Fujikawa 1985). Identification of the catalytic activity or activities responsible for this cleavage has not been straightforward. Studies in vitro have demonstrated the autoactivation of factor XII as well as activation by kallikrein. Both reactions require the presence of negatively charged surfaces and are accelerated in the presence of kininogen (high molecular weight kininogen, HK) (Griffin and Cochrane 1976; Meier et al. 1977; Silverberg et al. 1980). Recent work suggests that factor XII activation in vivo may occur primarily on endothelial cell surfaces and that, as in vitro, association with kininogen may accelerate the reaction (Mahdi et al. 2002; Schmaier 2004), although alternative pathways and alternative mechanisms for associating factor XII with the cell surface have not been excluded (Joseph et al. 2001).

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Catalyst Activity

serine-type endopeptidase activity of kallikrein:kininogen:C1q binding protein tetramer [plasma membrane]

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