ABCA8,B1,B5 transport xenobiotics from cytosol to extracellular region

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Homo sapiens
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Some members of the ABC transporter superfamily are able to mediate the efflux of a broad range of cytotoxic drugs from cells, leading to the name multidrug resistance (MDR) proteins (Seeger and van Veen 2009). The ABCB1 (P-glycoprotein 1[PGP], multidrug resistance protein 1 [MRP1]) is the most characterised MDR (Shen et al. 1986, Gottesman & Pastan 1988). ABCB5 (Frank et al. 2005) and ABCA8 (Tsuruoka et al. 2002) are newer members of MDRs.

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ATPase-coupled transmembrane transporter activity of ABCA8/B1/B5 [plasma membrane]

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