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SCF exists as two alternatively spliced variants, a soluble form and a membrane-bound form differing in one exon (exon 6). Both isoforms are initially membrane bound with an extracellular domain, a transmembrane segment and an intracellular region. The longer isoform is rapidly cleaved to generate a 165 aa soluble protein knows as sSCF. The SCF transcript that lacks exon 6 encodes a glycoprotein that remains membrane-bound (mSCF). Both mSCF and sSCF are bioactive but different in their efficacy in c-kit activation.
Proteases including matrix metalloprotease-9 (Heissig et al., 2002), Chymase-1 (Longley et al., 1997) and several members of the ADAMs family (Kawaguchi et al, 2007; Amour et al, 2002; Chesneau et al, 2003; Mohan et al, 2002; Roghani et al, 1999; Zou et al, 2004) have been suggested to have a role in the processing of sSCF.

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endopeptidase activity of Endopeptidases for SCF processing [extracellular region]

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