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Homo sapiens
NPAS2 gene produces NPAS2
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The NPAS2 gene is transcribed to yield mRNA and the mRNA is transcribed to yield NPAS2 protein (Zhou et al. 1997, Matsumura et al. 2013, also inferred from mouse homologs). Transcription of NPAS2 is enhanced by the RORA:Coactivator complex and repressed by the REV-ERBA:Corepressor complex.

As inferred from mouse, RORA binds RRE DNA elements and recruits the coactivators PGC-1alpha (PPARGC1A) and p300 (EP300, a histone acetylase). As inferred from mouse, ROR-alpha binds the promoter of the NPAS2 gene and enhances transcription.

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