MIA40:ERV1 (CHCHD4:GFER) oxidizes cysteine residues to cystine disulfide bonds

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Proteins are imported into the intermembrane space via the interaction between cysteine residues on the imported protein and CHCHD4 (MIA40 in yeast), which functions as a receptor to mediate translocation across the outer membrane. As inferred from the yeast MIA40:ERV1 complex, human CHCHD4 (MIA40 homolog) catalyzes the oxidation of cysteine residues in precursor proteins in the intermembrane space to form cystine bonds. The electrons from the cysteine residues are transferred to CHCHD4, then to GFER (ERV1 in yeast), and eventually to the respiratory chain. The interaction between yeast MIA40 and ERV1 is transitory.
In yeast, experimentally verified substrates of MIA40:ERV1 include COX17, COX19, CMC2, CMC3, CMC4, TIM13 (TIMM13 in human), TIM9 (TIMM9 in human), TIM10 (TIMM10 in human), CCS1 (CCS in human), TIM8 (TIMM8 in human), and ERV1 (GFER in human). Many other mitochondrial proteins are anticipated to be substrates of the MIA40:ERV1 complex.

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protein-disulfide reductase activity of MIA40:ERV1 [mitochondrial intermembrane space]

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