CSN2 gene expression is stimulated by ERBB4s80:STAT5A

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ERBB4s80:STAT5A complex binds to and stimulates transcription from the beta-casein (CSN2) promoter, and it probably regulates transcription of other lactation-related genes in mammary cells. By over-expressing either human ERBB4cyt1s80 or ERBB4cyt2s80 in mouse mammary cell line HC11 or transgenic mice, Muraoka-Cook et al. showed differential effects of CYT1 and CYT2 isoforms on mammary epithelium. CYT1s80 over-expression decreases cell proliferation, promotes STAT5A-mediated transcription of beta-casein (CSN2) and lactogenic differentiation. In contrast, CYT2s80 over-expression causes epithelial hyperplasia, increased levels of Wnt and beta-catenin, as well as elevated expression of c-myc and cyclin D1 (Muraoka-Cook et al. 2009).

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