Cytosolic PHD2,3 hydroxylates proline residues on EPAS1 (HIF2A)

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Proline hydroxylases PHD2 (EGLN1) and PHD3 (EGLN3) located in the cytosol (Metzen et al. 2003) hydroxylate EPAS1 (HIF2A) at proline-405 and proline-531 (Hirsila et al. 2003, Percy et al. 2008, Furlow et al. 2009). A portion of PHD3 (EGLN3) is also located in the nucleus (Rantanen et al. 2008).

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peptidyl-proline 4-dioxygenase activity of PHD2,3:LIMD1,AJUBA,WTIP:VHL:EloB:EloC:CUL2:RBX1 [cytosol]

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