Type II Activin Receptor (ActRIIB/ACVR2B) phosphorylates Type I Activin Receptor (ActRIC/ACVR1C) in response to NODAL

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As inferred from the response of the activin receptor to activin, the type II component of the NODAL receptor phosphorylates the type I component in response to NODAL binding. As inferred from mouse and frog (Xenopus) NODAL can signal via the ACVR1C (ALK7) type I activin receptor (Reissman et al. 2001) though this may be dispensable for development in mouse (Jornvall et al. 2004).
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protein serine/threonine kinase activity of NODAL:ACVR1C:ACVR2B:EGF-CFC [plasma membrane]

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