TMP, uridine 2', 3', or 5' monophosphates, or deoxyuridine 3' or 5' monophosphates + H2O => thymidine or (deoxy)uridine + orthophosphate [NT5C]

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Cytosolic 5'3'-nucleotidase (NT5C) catalyzes the hydrolysis of uridine 2', 3', and 5' monophosphates, dexoyuridine 3' and 5' monophosphates, and thymidine monophosphate to yield the corresponding (deoxy)nucleosides and orthophosphate. The active form of the enzyme is a homodimer, with an absolute requirement for Mg++ (Hoglund and Reichard 1990; Rampazzo et al. 2000). This enzyme appears to play a central role in the "substrate cycles" that regulate cytosolic deoxynucleotide levels (Gazziola et al. 2001).

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5'-nucleotidase activity of NT5C dimer [cytosol]

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