Packaging of telomere ends

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extended & processed duplex telomere end + shelterin -> shelterin:telomere with t-loop complex
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The fully replicated chromosome end associates with the shelterin protein complex and forms a structure in which the 3' G rich single strand overhang at the chromosome end loops around (t loop), invades the double stranded portion of the telomeric TTAGGG repeat tract displacing a strand and forming what is termed a D-loop (Griffith et al. 1999). This organization protects chromosome ends from degradation due to activation of DNA repair processes such as nonhomologous end joining (Nikitina and Woodcock 2004; Palm and de Lange 2008). Loops associated with TRF1 protein have been visualized in purified chicken telomeric chromatin (Nikitina and Woodcock 2004).

The human shelterin complex (Liu et al. 2004; Palm and de Lange 2008) contains six proteins, TRF1, TRF2, POT1, RAP1 (TERF2IP, TRF2IP), TPP1 (ACD), and TIN2 (TINF2). Chicken proteins homologous to the first four of these have been identified: TRF1 (Okamoto et al. 2008), TRF2 (Konrad et al. 1999), POT1 (Wei and Price 2004; Churikov et al. 2006), and TRF2IP (Tan et al. 2003). A possible chicken ortholog of TPP1 has been identified, but to date no chicken counterpart of human TIN2 has been found.

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