Nuclear focus formation by interaction of chSNM1A with PIAS1 upon DNA lesion

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Chicken SNM1A (DNA cross-link repair 1A protein) is not epistatic with XRCC3 (HR), RAD18 (TLS), or FANCC (FA). Such data indicate that chicken SNM1A (and yeast SNM1) acts in a DNA interstrand cross-link (ICL) repair pathway, which is distinct from the HR, TLS, and FA pathways. SNM1A function depends on the integrity of the SNM1 domain that interacts with PIAS1 (protein inhibitor of activated STAT, 1). The interaction probably mediates SNM1A storage in nuclear foci, which might be crucial for proper mobilization to DNA damage sites.

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15572677 DNA cross-link repair protein SNM1A interacts with PIAS1 in nuclear focus formation

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Mol Cell Biol 2004
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