Association of 53BP1 with gamma H2AX at double strand break

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53BP1-deficient DT40 chicken cells exhibit elevated sensitivity to IR-induced damage with persistent gamma-H2AX foci, indicating a role for 53BP1 in checkpoint signaling and/or DNA repair pathways. Epistasis analysis reveals that 53BP1 plays a role in a pathway distinct from the Ku- and Artemis-dependent NHEJ pathways, but still requiring DNA ligase IV. The 53BP1-dependent repair pathway is important for survival of cells irradiated with IR during the G1 phase of the cell cycle. Although intra S and G2/M checkpoints were intact, the frequency of isochromatid-type chromosomal aberrations was elevated after irradiation in 53BP1-deficient cells.

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16866876 53BP1 contributes to survival of cells irradiated with X-ray during G1 without Ku70 or Artemis

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