Formation of a multi-protein complex, cohesin

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To ensure the equal transmission of genetic material to both daughter cells following mitotic division, eukaryotic anaphase does not begin until paired sister chromatids are attached to opposite spindle poles by their kinetochores. For this to occur in a coordinated manner, sister chromatids must remain linked after replication. Because of the tension generated by spindle attachment to each sister at metaphase, both chromatids cannot move to a single pole. This linkage, termed sister chromatid cohesion, requires a multi protein complex called cohesin consisting at least four subunits: Scc1, Scc3, Smc1, and Smc3. Scc1 cleavage at anaphase destroys the connection between sister chromatids thus allowing microtubules to pull the chromatids to opposite poles. Disruption of the chicken orthologue of Scc1 in DT40 cells initiates premature sister chromatid separation. Scc1 deficient cells frequently fail to complete metaphase chromosome alignment and show chromosome segregation defects, suggesting aberrant kinetochore function. Cohesion between sister-chromatids thus is likely to aid post-replicative DNA repair by homologous recombination, because the attached non-damaged sister provides a homologous substrate for pairing.

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