ticagrelor [extracellular region]

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PubMed ID Title Journal Year
26758983 Effects of P2Y12 receptor antagonists beyond platelet inhibition--comparison of ticagrelor with thienopyridines

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19552634 Ticagrelor binds to human P2Y(12) independently from ADP but antagonizes ADP-induced receptor signaling and platelet aggregation

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24414167 Characterization of the adenosine pharmacology of ticagrelor reveals therapeutically relevant inhibition of equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1

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23890048 Ticagrelor inhibits human platelet aggregation via adenosine in addition to P2Y12 antagonism

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myocardial infarction DOID:5844 heart attack, Myocardial infarct
cardiovascular system disease DOID:1287 disease of subdivision of hemolymphoid system
cerebrovascular disease DOID:6713 Cerebrovascular accident, stroke, cerebrovascular accident, cerebrovascular disorder, CVA
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