Reactome book

Aiming to make our biological pathway knowledge more accessible, we've been offering for years the option to download the complete content of our knowledgebase as a PDF book. Following users feedback and requests, this book has now been updated to include yet more content in a freshly redesigned look and feel. Organised in 27 volumes, one per each top level pathway, the new version of the book includes our textbook-like lilustrations as well as regular-pathway and single-reaction diagrams.

In some cases the preferred option might be downloading part of Reactome's content. To do so we've included this option in our detail pages, the PathwayBrowser and the DiagramViewer. When downloaded from the PathwayBrowser, the resulting PDF will include the user's predefined colour profiles (diagram and analysis overlay) and will also include the analysis results when available. In all cases, resulting documents are fully navigable, including links to following and preceding events or any of the parent pathways in the hierarchy. Literarutre references include links to PubMed and every event has a link to its details page in Reactome's site.

The full book can be downloaded from our download section. For an example of the on-demand download please visit the Hemostasis details page or its view in the PathwayBrowser. All the above can be programmatically generated using this method from our ContentService.

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