Our PathwayBrowser now features advanced search capabilities powered by Solr to allow finding content throughout the whole knowledgebase. The user interface has been improved adapting to the findings of our last UX testing. The search within the Diagram Viewer widget enables users to define the scope of their search either limiting it to the content of the displayed diagram or expanding it to cover all pathways allowing our users to perform a search against all content without having to go the main search.

This new feature has also been enabled in our diagram and pathways overview widgets so third party web applications can already take advantage of it, allowing users to search Reactome content without abandoning the page they are in.

The new search features:

  1. Suggestions based on the introduced term.
  2. Listing the most recent searches.
  3. Scoping results to either the displayed diagram or the whole database.
  4. Filtering results by one or more entity types (i.e. Proteins, Chemical compounds, Reactions, etc.)
  5. Flagging a given entity to persist its highligthing.

To learn more, please check the Searching Reactome section in our User Guide.

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