Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database

Updated Molecular Interaction Overlay feature now available.


As part of our efforts to give our user community better experience, we have redesigned the Molecular Interaction Overlay to support quicker, easier, and more responsive access to protein-protein and protein-small molecule interaction data within the Reactome Pathway Browser.

New features and improvements include:

  • Diagram search feature includes the gene name and chemical name for interactors.
  • Interactors display name is now the gene name for proteins and the chemical name for the chemicals.
  • Tooltips are shown when hovering over the for interaction links.
  • Interactions include links to entities present in the diagram.
  • Loop-link is included when a protein/chemical interacts with itself.
  • Display option to show/hide interactors based upon a selected weighted score.
  • Crystal and chemical structures for the interactors are displayed at zoomed-in view.
  • Diagram image export for the zoomed-in view includes the protein structures in the final image.
  • Interactor file download is now available in both the Interactors toolbar and Settings panel.

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