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Identifier Name
R-HSA-976871 ABri/ADan amyloid fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-1247852 Alpha-synuclein fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-976898 Amyloid protein A fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-976889 Apolipoprotein A-IV fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-976987 Atrial natriuretic factor amyloid fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-983323 BAP31 oligomer [integral component of lumenal side of endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
R-HSA-2685702 BCL10 oligomer [cytosol]
R-HSA-976748 Beta amyloid fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-976945 Beta2-microglobulin fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-8876883 Btn-ACACA:2Mn2+ polymer [cytosol]
R-HSA-8867341 Btn-ACACB:2Mn2+ polymer [mitochondrial outer membrane]
R-HSA-8876893 Btn-p-S79-ACACB:2Mn2+ polymer [mitochondrial outer membrane]
R-HSA-2855198 CASQ1 polymer [sarcoplasmic reticulum lumen]
R-HSA-2855188 CASQ2 polymer [sarcoplasmic reticulum lumen]
R-HSA-5340146 CSN polymer [extracellular region]
R-HSA-976978 Calcitonin amyloid fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2467150 Cleaved collagen type I fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2468059 Cleaved collagen type II fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2468104 Cleaved collagen type III fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2564681 Cleaved collagen type IV alpha1.alpha1.alpha2 network [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2564682 Cleaved collagen type IV alpha1.alpha2.alpha5.alpha6 network [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2564685 Cleaved collagen type IV alpha3.alpha4.alpha5 network [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2470128 Cleaved collagen type V fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2470223 Cleaved collagen type VI fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2470309 Cleaved collagen type VII fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2470314 Cleaved collagen type VIII fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2470532 Cleaved collagen type X fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2470603 Cleaved collagen type XI fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2484960 Cleaved collagen type XV multimer [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2470858 Cleaved collagen type XVIII multimer [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2514799 Cleaved elastin [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2514812 Cleaved fibrillin-1 [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2514779 Cleaved fibrillin-2 [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2514789 Cleaved fibrillin-3 [extracellular region]
R-HSA-3787944 Cleaved fibronectin matrix Ala(271)/Val(272) [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2533900 Cleaved fibronectin matrix [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2214305 Collagen type I fibre [extracellular region]
R-HSA-1474201 Collagen type I fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2228714 Collagen type I fibril with allysines [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2396378 Collagen type I fibril with deH-HLNL [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2396093 Collagen type I fibril with dehydro-lysinonorleucine [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2428940 Collagen type I fibril with free hydroxylysines [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2399500 Collagen type I fibril with histidino-hydroxylysinoleucine cross-links [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2396055 Collagen type I fibril with hydroxyallysines [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2396311 Collagen type I fibril with hydroxylysino-5-ketonorleucine crosslinks [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2396360 Collagen type I fibril with hydroxylysyl-pyridinoline cross-links [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2396116 Collagen type I fibril with hydroxylysyl-pyrrole cross-links [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2396205 Collagen type I fibril with lysino-5-ketonorleucine cross-links [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2396105 Collagen type I fibril with lysyl-pyridinoline cross-links [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2396231 Collagen type I fibril with lysyl-pyrrole cross-links [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2214299 Collagen type II fibre [extracellular region]
R-HSA-1474209 Collagen type II fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2214307 Collagen type III fibre [extracellular region]
R-HSA-1474212 Collagen type III fibril [extracellular region]
R-HSA-2214294 Collagen type IV alpha1.alpha1.alpha2 network [extracellular region]