Isabel M Pires

School of Biological, Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, University of Hull
Reviewed Pathways (10/10)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8848021 Signaling by PTK6 BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849473 PTK6 Expression BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849471 PTK6 Regulates RHO GTPases, RAS GTPase and MAP kinases BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8857538 PTK6 promotes HIF1A stabilization BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8847993 ERBB2 Activates PTK6 Signaling BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849470 PTK6 Regulates Cell Cycle BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849472 PTK6 Down-Regulation BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849474 PTK6 Activates STAT3 BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849469 PTK6 Regulates RTKs and Their Effectors AKT1 and DOK1 BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849468 PTK6 Regulates Proteins Involved in RNA Processing BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/54)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2015-04-28 R-HSA-5658231 RAS GAPs stimulate RAS GTPase activity BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-5658435 RAS GAPs bind RAS:GTP BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849094 ARHGAP35 binds RASA1 BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849082 ARHGAP35 stimulates RHOA GTPase activity BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849085 ARHGAP35 binds RHOA:GTP BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849068 PTK6 phosphorylates ARHGAP35 BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8848726 PTK6 phosphorylates BCAR1 BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-8981353 RASA1 stimulates RAS GTPase activity BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8849055 PTK6 binds ARHGAP35 BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-8981355 RASA1 binds RAS:GTP BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8848713 PTK6 binds BCAR1 BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-9634702 LINC01139 promotes phosphorylation of HIF1A by LRRK2 BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8857583 LINC01139 promotes phosphorylation of HIF1A by PTK6 BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8857577 LINC01139 facilitates PTK6 autophosphorylation BibTex
2016-02-07 R-HSA-8856930 EPAS1 (HIF2A) and activated NR3C1 (GCR) bind PTK6 gene BibTex