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Pathways authored by Salmena, Leonardo (5690166)

DB_ID Name
6807070 PTEN Regulation
8943723 Regulation of PTEN mRNA translation
8943724 Regulation of PTEN gene transcription
8948700 Competing endogenous RNAs (ceRNAs) regulate PTEN translation
8948747 Regulation of PTEN localization
8948751 Regulation of PTEN stability and activity

Details on Person Salmena, Leonardo

_displayNameSalmena, Leonardo
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:42:01
created[InstanceEdit:5690100] Jupe, Steve, 2015-04-27
(author)[LiteratureReference:5690150] The deubiquitinylation and localization of PTEN are regulated by a HAUSP-PML network
[LiteratureReference:6800802] Apoptosis caused by p53-induced protein with death domain (PIDD) depends on the death adapter protein RAIDD
[LiteratureReference:8943351] Identification of the miR-106b~25 microRNA cluster as a proto-oncogenic PTEN-targeting intron that cooperates with its host gene MCM7 in transformation
[LiteratureReference:8943446] Coding-independent regulation of the tumor suppressor PTEN by competing endogenous mRNAs
[LiteratureReference:8943449] A coding-independent function of gene and pseudogene mRNAs regulates tumour biology
[InstanceEdit:8948087] Salmena, Leonardo, 2016-08-11
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