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Pathways reviewed by Spillmann, Dorothe (5607063)

DB_ID Name
4420332 Defective B3GALT6 causes EDSP2 and SEMDJL1
5609975 Diseases associated with glycosylation precursor biosynthesis
3560801 Defective B3GAT3 causes JDSSDHD
3560796 Defective PAPSS2 causes SEMD-PA
3560782 Diseases associated with glycosaminoglycan metabolism
3560783 Defective B4GALT7 causes EDS, progeroid type
3595174 Defective CHST14 causes EDS, musculocontractural type
3595172 Defective CHST3 causes SEDCJD
3595177 Defective CHSY1 causes TPBS
3656244 Defective B4GALT1 causes B4GALT1-CDG (CDG-2d)
3656243 Defective ST3GAL3 causes MCT12 and EIEE15
3656253 Defective EXT1 causes exostoses 1, TRPS2 and CHDS
3656225 Defective CHST6 causes MCDC1
3656237 Defective EXT2 causes exostoses 2
3781865 Diseases of glycosylation
4341670 Defective NEU1 causes sialidosis
5609974 Defective PGM1 causes PGM1-CDG (CDG1t)
4717374 Defective DPM1 causes DPM1-CDG (CDG-1e)
4719360 Defective DPM3 causes DPM3-CDG (CDG-1o)
4719377 Defective DPM2 causes DPM2-CDG (CDG-1u)
4755579 Defective SRD5A3 causes SRD5A3-CDG (CDG-1q) and KHRZ
4755583 Defective DOLK causes DOLK-CDG (CDG-1m)
4755609 Defective DHDDS causes retinitis pigmentosa 59
4043916 Defective MPI causes MPI-CDG (CDG-1b)
4043911 Defective PMM2 causes PMM2-CDG (CDG-1a)
4085023 Defective GFPT1 causes CMSTA1
4085011 Defective GNE causes sialuria, Nonaka myopathy and inclusion body myopathy 2

Details on Person Spillmann, Dorothe

_displayNameSpillmann, Dorothe
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:40:09
created[InstanceEdit:5607062] Jassal, Bijay, 2014-07-10
modified[InstanceEdit:5622090] Matthews, Lisa, 2014-09-10
(author)[InstanceEdit:5607064] Spillmann, Dorothe, 2014-07-09
[InstanceEdit:5690642] Spillmann, Dorothe, 2015-04-30
[LiteratureReference:5693364] Structural basis for the growth factor activity of human adenosine deaminase ADA2
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